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Event Information

FuxiTime SuperCombi provides online registration for race and non-race events that are outside the scope of the Race Series.

Please review this event's information and if you wish to participate, simply fill in the form and pay online with your Discover, Visa or Mastercard using our convenient, secure and easy to use system.

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1/4/2011 12:00 AM
onsite registration
7:30 am - 8:30 am
Where:Ski Cooper
Leadville, CO

FR USA would love to see you Racing at the “FUXI” SG/SL SUPER COMBI or at least show up for the Party!

Fuxi @ FuxiRacingUSA is proud to organize in conjunction with SKI COOPER/Leadville the 4th Annual FuxiTime SuperCombi race at Ski Cooper on Sunday, 16th January 2011.

At FuxiRacingUSA we are developing a race that stresses what we believe to be the ACES of ski racing – Accessibility, Community, Enthusiasm, and Sport. This is an open race - one does not need to be a member of USSA to compete. The Masters and the Fuxi community are made up of friendly people who are enthusiastic about the sport and the camaraderie that surrounds competition.

So we come respectfully to you, our innermost circle of FuxiRacing supporters.

In order to create the ideal race, it is important that you are behind us. Therefore, we kindly invite you to come out to this event to be part of the day’s festivities. There will be raffle prizes, food, music, and awards.

Thanks for you support and consideration!

Please download and fill out the FuxiTime Racer Bio Form and bring it to the race.

Franz A.K.A. Fuxi @ FR USA

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