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For a view of our current schedule, visit the schedule portion of our website at  

Select the Races you plan to attend below. Remember:

  • Race fees are charged after races are completed, using the credit card you have on file with your account 
  • You are not charged if you unregister by noon the day before the race weekend starts; you will be charged a DNS fee if you fail to un-register and do not show up.  A race weekend starting on Friday, would require cancellation before Thursday at noon.
  • Generally, we do not accept same day race registrations.  You must be on the start the day prior to the race to compete.  Late submissions may be permitted for extenuating circumstances.  Contact us to check.  You MAY incur a Late Fee per race, so REGISTER EARLY!
  • If you do not carry a valid US Ski & Snowboard Full Season license, you will need to have an active US Ski & Snowboard Daily license for each day you intend to race a US Ski & Snowboard Sanctioned race. Full Season and Daily licenses may be purchased on
Most races run by Mid-Atlantic Masters are sanctioned by the US Ski and Snowboard Association, also known as US Alpine Masters. For more information on US Alpine Masters, please visit the Masters section of the US Ski & Snowboard website at
This schedule is subject to change at any time. Mid-Atlantic Masters reserves the right to modify the schedule for any reason, but will not cancel races unless there are legitimate concerns about Member safety.  See the FAQ section of the website for Mid-Atlantic Master's Cancellation Guidelines.