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Race Series FAQ

Masters Membership Details


Q: Do I need a US Ski & Snowboard license to race with Midwest Masters?

A: Yes, for most all Race events that Midwest Masters hosts, a current US Ski & Snowboard license valid for Masters racing is required. However, the cost for this license is included in our Race Fees. If you purchased a license on your own, we will reduce your Race Fees accordingly once verified. 


Q: Are there ski length and radius limitations when racing with Masters?

A: This is a common misconception about Masters. Although there are strict requirements for radius and length in the Junior ranks of US Ski & Snowboard and FIS, all ski length and radius regulations are only "recommended" at the Masters level. Every season, FIS and US Ski & Snowboard note the requirements on their web site

Please note, however, that the Race Jury may disallow a racer to start if their equipment is deemed unsafe. For example, the Jury would not allow someone to leave the start of a DH with SL skis or similar. 


Q: Are there helmet requirements to race with Masters? Do I need a FIS approved helmet?

A: As of the 2022 season, a FIS-approved helmet is required for all Masters racing. Note that soft-eared helmets are only allowed for Slalom. Also note that the Race Officials have the authority to disallow a racer from starting if their equipment is not deemed safe.


Q: What does it cost to race with Midwest Masters?

A: Midwest Masters charges a Race Fee per Race. For most of our Races, competitors must have a valid US Ski & Snowboard license. These license costs are included in our Race Fees. If you already hold a valid license, we will discount your Race Fees accordingly. 

Race Fees - Standard Pricing

We charge Race Fees for each race you compete in. The standard Race Fee is $30. Discounts are applied to this fee as follows: 

  • $10 off per Race if you hold a current US Ski & Snowboard license valid for Masters racing:
    • Alpine Masters License (AM)
    • Short Term Masters License valid for the days racing
    • Alpine Coaches license (with additional AM cert)
    • Alpine Competitors License
    • Not Valid:
      • Alpine Officials license
      • Alpine General license
      • Alpine Volunteer license
  • $10 off per Race if you have never raced with us or haven’t raced in 2 years or more (see the Returning Racer List to see if you are a returning racer).
  • $10 off per Race if you are age 34 or younger as of Dec 31 of this racing season
  • All Discounts are additive meaning your racing would be FREE if all Discounts applied!

What about kids?

Kids may race with Midwest Masters! Our requirement, however, is that a parent/guardian must also be racing in each race for which they are registered. We allow children to race for $10 per Race. 



Q: What are the steps to completely register myself for races, and how are the charges applied?

A: If you purchae a package, all registration will be set up for you. If registering manually, follow these two steps:

  1. Create an Account on the Midwest Masters web site and follow the steps to activate it. You will need an active Full Season or Daily license to participate in Midwest Masters races. Full Season and Daily licenses may be purchased on or in person the day of the race.
  2. Once your account is activated, you register for Races by selecting them on the Races section of the web site. At the time you register for the Race, you don't need to have a currently active US Ski & Snowboard license, however you will need an active license by the time of the Race. You may change these selections online at any time before the posted deadline for the race without incurring a late cancellation charge. Race Fees are charged against the credit card you have on file after the Races complete.


Q: How are Race Fees assessed?

A: All Race fees will be paid from your credit card on file (the same one you registered with) after the Race completes. You can change this card in your Account Profile if you wish. Any additional charges related to the race may also be processed at this time such as a t-shirt purchase, a late fee, raffle purchase, etc.


Q: Do I have to register before each individual Race?

A: All racers must pre-register for any race in which they wish to compete. Simply log in, go to the Races page, and place a check next to the Race you intend to participate in to register. Remember that there are often multiple races per day, so be sure to check all races! 


Q: Can I register at the hill on Race Day?

A: NO. As of the 2022, we are no longer allowing on-hill registration. At our larger events, however, we will host in-person Registration at a Registration Desk at the event headquarters (the hotel noted on the Race Event Notice for that event). You may be charged an additional in-person registration fee. The Registration Desk is open for a very limited time in the evenings preceding each Race Day, so please be on time and consider the time it may take you to complete registration. Again, see the Race Event Notices on the Races page for more details in in-person registration at our events. 


Q: What if I registered for a race and forgot to unregister?

A: You will be charged a $10 DNS fee for each race you missed for which you were registered. You MUST un-register yourself by unchecking the race before the race deadline. Deadlines are posted for each Race on the Race page. If not listed, the Deadline is the date/time of the Race Start. 


Q: Can I try a race to see if I like Midwest Masters Racing?

A: There is nothing stopping you from coming out and trying just one race! The most you would pay is $20 for a single race if you are truly new to Midwest Masters. If you try it and for some reason don't like it, and are willing to share your opinions with us as to why you didn't enjoy your racing, we won't charge you! 


Q: How do I know if a race is cancelled?

A: Do not count on the "grapevine" to determine if a race is cancelled. Whether or not a race is cancelled is determined by the Race Director. The following Cancellation Guidelines developed by the Midwest Masters Board of Directors are used to help determine a Cancellation:

  1. -25 Wind Chill Factor
  2. The host ski area closes, or the lift servicing our run is closed or the run is inacessible.
  3. Travel conditions are severely dangerous. We will NOT be cancelling simply because people may be late due to the road conditions.

PLAN YOUR SCHEDULE ACCORDINGLY. Please note that THE FINAL DECISION TO CANCEL IS UP TO THE RACE DIRECTOR, and IT IS THE MEMBER'S RESPONSIBILITY TO FIND OUT IF A RACE IS CANCELLED as it is not always possible to get the web site updated or get a mass e-mail out in a timely fashion. If you are unsure, contact the Race Director via The Race Director will respond promptly in the event of a cancellation or threat of cancellation. The MWM Board will make every effort to get an e-mail out and/or update the web site and Facebook site, but there is no guarantee that this will happen in a timely fashion. These Guidelines are listed in the Race Series Rules document. See the Race Series page for more detailson our Race Series Rules. All Cancelled Races will be rescheduled if possible. If a Race is cancelled, there will be no charges incurred. 


Q: How many races do I need to attain a result in to be considered in the overall awards?

A: Typically members must finish at least 6 races to be considered for season awards. Note that there are several different race series in MWM and many different awards and recognitions!


Q: What is the Ironman?

A: The Male and Female racer with the most starts - regardless of finish result - will be awarded the Ironman award and have their names etched on the trophy.


Q: What is the definition of a "race"?

A: For Slalom and Giant Slalom, a race is defined as the combined time of two runs. You must finish two runs to be considered in the result and to attain result points. Super-G and Downhill are usually single-run events. At times, MWM runs a Super-G as a two-run event. 


Q: With my Full Season US Alpine Masters license can I do other Masters races around the country?

A: Yes! One of the greatest advantages of Masters racing is the ability to race all over the country. Many Midwest Masters racers compete all over the nation as well as internationally! This web site can be used for Registration within other US Alpine Masters series as well as Midwest Masters. Further, parter Divisions typically waive all registration fees and only charge race fees to partner Division members. Navigate to the other US Alpine Masters series on this site to learn more. All Divisions operate differently.


Q: How are run orders generated? When will I run in the start order?

A: Midwest Masters employs several different types of Start Orders. The most common method is called an Age Class Start Order. This run order runs the youngest children first, then all other racers in 5 year increments, oldest to youngest, with women first in each Age Class. Midwest Masters also employs Ability-based run orders using our Ability Class scoring system. These orders group racers of similar ability together. The order in which the Ability Classes run is determined randomly. However, all very young racers and all racers above Age 60 will always run first.

For 2nd runs, we also employ various methods. One of our most popular methods is to run the entire field (outside of young children and those age 60+) in a complete flip based upon first run time, just like the World Cup! This makes it fun for all to watch as the fastest racers from the first run come down last where everyone can watch!

Details about these Start Orders can be found in our Race Series Rules document which is posted on the 'About the Series' page of this web site.


Q: How does Midwest Masters score its racers? What are Ability Classes?

A: Answers to this question can be found in our Race Series Rules document which is posted on the 'About the Series' page of this web site.