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Currently Selected Race Series:

About The Series

Midwest Masters Mission Statement

To promote, sponsor, provide facilities for, and conduct a supervised program for adult alpine ski training, education and competition for adults for the purposes of improving their skills in the sport of alpine ski racing, teaching them the principles of good sportsmanship, and aiding in their physical and mental development; to provide education and training for alpine ski officials and other racing support personnel; and to generally promote the sport of amateur alpine ski racing and its goals.


COVID-19 Update: the upcoming season may have a fair degree of uncertainty once again. However, as with last year, WE WILL BE RACING THIS SEASON. As a licensed club of US Ski & Snowboard, Midwest Masters will be following established protocols as defined by our licensing organization. We will be keeping you updated as best we can on our Facebook Page and via email as information becomes available. Please visit the US Ski & Snowboard COVID-19 page for details from USSS.


Midwest Masters is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 1999 with the mission of improving the experience for adult alpine ski racers in the Midwest. This is achieved by working directly with other grassroots adult leagues as well as by running its own unique events. Midwest Masters is a licensed and insured NASTAR and US Alpine Masters Division of US Ski & Snowboard, which is the official governing body of alpine ski racing in the United States. Midwest Masters serves the Central Division of US Ski & Snowboard which is composed of the states of Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Events are hosted at a variety of ski areas throughout the Midwest, and participants range in age from 18 (and younger if a parent is also participating) to over 80 years old. Events Midwest Masters hosts follow US Ski & Snowbaord rules and are sanctioned by US Alpine Masters and NASTAR. Based upon the event, competitors compete with each other based upon Age Class and Ability Class. This allows racers to compete directly with those in their Age Group as well as those at their same Ability level. Midwest Masters also hosts training events and camps such as the annual Copper Mountain Masters Camp. In addition to running its own events, Midwest Masters works directly with other adult ski racing leagues to help with the execution of events hosted by those programs. Assistance provided by Midwest Masters in this regard relates to providing safety equipment, race crew personnel, course setting expertise, certified officials, timing and scoring capabilities, general consulting, or any combination of the above.

Who Can Participate?

We are open to all ages! However, anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a racing adult (parent or legal guardian) when participating. Those under the age of 18 are not eligible for Midwest Masters awards. Only adult results are submitted to US Ski & Snowboard.  

What is the Cost?

Standard pricing for our Races is $30 per Race which is inclusive of any required Masters license. We typically run TWO races per day, or 4 over a typical weekend. Most all participants sign up for a day or the whole weekend.

We offer discounts off of the Race Fee: 

  • $10 off per Race if you hold a current US Ski & Snowboard license valid for Masters racing
  • $10 off per Race if you have never raced with us or haven’t raced in 2 years or more (see the Returning Racer List above to see if you are a Returning Racer)
  • $10 off per Race if you are age 34 or younger as of Dec 31 of this racing season
  • All Discounts are additive meaning your racing would be FREE if all Discounts applied!

Children may race with us as long as a parent/guardian is also racing. The cost per race for children is $10. 

For the average racer, the cost per race is well under $20, inclusive of License Fees and Race Fees. For members who come to a lot of races, the cost per race can be as low as $10 per race!

Please see the Race Series FAQ page for more details on Licenses and Race Fees, and how to sign up. 

Age Classes

Age Classes are defined by the following groups based on the racer's age on December 31 of that race season:

"Youngster" Classes Ages 1-17 Class 7 Ages 55-59
Class 1 Ages 18-29 Class 8 Ages 60-64
Class 2 Ages 30-34 Class 9 Ages 65-69
Class 3 Ages 35-39 Class 10 Ages 70-74
Class 4 Ages 40-44 Class 11 Ages 75-79
Class 5 Ages 45-49 Class 12 Ages 80-84
Class 6 Ages 50-54 Class 13 Ages 85-89

Ability Classes

Every year, Midwest Masters creates Ability Classes that are meant to group skiers of the same ability. Assignment into these groups is set at the beginning of the year, per event, based on previous year's results. This allows racers to gauge their racing to those of the same ability, regardless of age or gender. Ability Classes add a high degree of competitiveness to our racing!

Platinum A
Platinum B
Gold A
Gold B
Silver A
Silver B
Bronze A
Bronze B